Through a variety of different class settings ranging from one on one sessions, private events, to accessible community based pop-ups, our goal is to provide you with a safe space to expand the understanding and relationship you have with your own body. We hope to empower you through movement to find love for your body by appreciating all of the amazing things your body can do for you and not just how it looks.

Community yoga (summer series)

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow paced style of yoga in which postures or Asanas are held for extended periods of time ranging from 1-5 minutes. During these long held restorative postures the fascial tissue is effected, opening up the joint space and relieving tension in the body. Yin is often called “The meditative yoga” due to the stillness that is associated with this practice.

Yin yoga will be offered every Thursday 7 pm at Riding Mountain House (56 Meadowview Drive Onanole MB) beginning July 4th and ending on September 5th

Power yoga

Power yoga is a fitness based style of Vinyasa Yoga that uses long held engaged postures and quicker paced flow to strengthen the entire body and increase heart rate. It’s purpose is to increase internal heat, stamina and strength while reducing stress and increasing feelings of confidence.

Power yoga will be offered every Saturday 10 am at Riding Mountain House (56 Meadowview Drive Onanole MB) beginning July 6th and ending on September 7th

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa is a style of yoga that is characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one posture to the next seamlessly and connected to breath. Through constant movement and breath it will strengthen the body and calm the mind allowing you to release stress and leave class feeling refreshed and ready to take on what ever life throws at you.

Vinyasa yoga will be offered every Sunday 10 am at Friends of Riding Mountain National Park “Friends Learning Centre” (temporary location at 146 TaWaPit St Wasagaming RMNP MB) beginning July 7th and ending on September 8th.

All classes are held outdoors and are for all levels of experience. Please bring your own mat and props and dress for the weather that day.

All classes are $15 drop in or $10 for all current massage clients of Candid Wellness. A summer membership is available for $160 that gets you access to all classes included in the summer series.

Private Classes

One on one

Through personalized series created for your individual needs and goals discover your potential on and off your mat. Our one on one coaching offers assistance to strengthen or simply begin your yoga practice. With hands on adjustments and undivided attention to you we will work together to improve individual postures, address injuries with therapeutic movement and develop a strong mind body connection. One on one sessions will vary in length and intensity depending upon your needs.

Please email us for more details and pricing


This service is perfect for sports teams, corporate settings, or even just as great way to spend an evening with friends. Each class is customized to the needs and expectations of each individual group and can be held in almost any setting. Whether you are looking for a high energy class or a slow paced relaxation inducing practice we will create the class you are looking for. Each class will include hands on adjustments, guided meditation and can be anything from Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha or Power style of yoga.

Please email for more details and pricing

This can be paired with massage offerings for a total wellness package.