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Room Rental on Demand Now Available

Are you a holistic practitioner or manual therapist searching for clinic space in Calgary? Are you ready for something new, something unique in the health and wellness industry that no clinic has offered before?

Candid Lymph Care is a new clinic that provides shared clinic space in Calgary for holistic practitioners to come together and offer CANDID LYMPH CARE to the community!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Clinic Calgary

From our experience in the health industry practitioners often feel they are paying too much to clinics and therefore aren’t making as much as they’d like to make.

So, we are taking a different approach to support practitioners by providing a service that includes shared:

Space by the Hour

Clinic Expenses

Admin Staff

Furniture and Decor



Reception Area

Change Rooms

Jane Booking App Software With the Following Features:

Appointment scheduling and payment processing
Charting function
Online intake forms
Reminder email and text 
Telehealth Integration

Most clinics operate on a commission split basis, meaning the more you earn, the larger the portion the clinic takes. 

Candid Lymph Care is taking a different approach to support practitioners by offering ROOM RENTAL ON DEMAND by the hour, day, week, month or more without any set limit on hours. This Room-On-Demand opportunity will give the Contractor the flexibility to work whenever they want and to grow their business/clientele steadily, as long as a room is available. 

How is this going to work?

You will be an independent contractor, allowing you to manage your own business and set your own service fees while being open to collaborate within a team setting.

To secure a room, a request form must be submitted. Depending on the days and times requested, a room rental rate of either $25 or $22 an hour will be applied. (depending on reception services)

You can request a room for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly use and secure it by making a credit card payment. This flexibility allows you to choose your preferred work schedule, provided that a room is available. If all rooms are already booked, you have the option to be placed on a room rental waitlist in case a room becomes available. 

No other clinic offers this kind of opportunity for less then 25% of the Contractor’s fee, based on service of $100/hour. 

Other than working from home, this is by far the best deal a practitioner can find!

Let’s do some math for fun, and we’ll base it on a service fee of $100 an hour, with a room rental of $25/hour:

You make 20K a year? Average clinic takes 40%=$8K Candid Lymph Care takes $5K……What would you do with an extra $3K?

You make 60K a year? Average clinic takes 40%=$24K Candid Lymph Care takes $9K……What would you do with an extra $9K?

You make 100K a year? Average clinic takes 40%=$40K Candid Lymph Care takes $15K……What would you do with an extra $15K?

Just imagine…..receive ALL the services as with any clinic and pay only 25% or less in commission and have EXTRA money in your pocket!

Just know that everything is taken care of and well-though out. This allows you to free up time to focus on what’s important to you without the stress of managing a clinic. We handle that for you.

Candid Lymph Care has built an excellent reputation and name for itself. To ensure continues growth and learning, we closely collaborate with a business coach. This approach allows us to develop a clear vision and plan for success, which we then share with our team.

If this opportunity piques your interest and you’d like to see if we’re a good fit, please contact Pat either by phone: 403-807-0627 or via email:


Elevate your Services, Market your Brand, Own your Success!

Providing a space for holistic practitioners to come together and offer CANDID Lymph Care to the community!

Most clinics OVER promise and UNDER deliver! At Candid Lymph Care it’s all about YOU.

How much of your income would you like to give to a clinic?
Should your line of work be a tool to help you live the life you want? The average clinic in the City takes between 30-50% of your collected fee!! Thus, the more you make, the more the clinic takes! With room rental rates of $25 an hour or less, how much would you like to keep in your wallet? 

How much of your time would you like to invest in your future?
According to Bloomberg, 80% of businesses fail, 15% survive, and only around 5% succeed. Knowing this fact, how determined are you to avoid becoming another statistic? You come in, love what you do, and leave with peace of mind that everything is taken care of. With clinic management taken care of, you can focus on being your best without the stress and invest your time on your career only.

How passionate are you about your clients health and wellness?
Do you collaborate with your clients, aiming for exceptional results, or do you settle for basic tasks and mediocre outcomes? Are you willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent service, or do you aim for the bare minimum and subpar results? We are committed to offering expert advice, and
customer service is our top priority. This commitment to excellence is one of our core values, and our clients appreciate it, which is why they keep returning.

Are you willing to share your clients with another practitioner or refer them to another professional?
Are you protective of your clients and prefer they only see you, or do you prioritize their best interests? Many clinics claim to collaborate with other practitioners, but often it’s just a matter of words without action. At our clinic, we firmly believe that the health and wellness outcomes of our clients are paramount, even if that means relinquishing control and referring them to another in-house practitioner. Being candid with yourself, your clients, and their health is of utmost importance to us.

How important is it for you to you have repeat clients? How frequent does the average client visit you?
Getting the first client is the easiest part of running your clinic, but retaining clients is the most challenging aspect of our business. While many focus on acquiring new customers, satisfied clients often bring in new clients through word-of-mouth advertising because they share their positive experiences. For our clinic, it’s essential to cultivate a base of repeat clientele and build lifelong relationships, rather than simply filling up a schedule.

With everything Candid Lymph Care has to offer, what’s stopping you from joining us?


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