Our services are catered to fit you and your needs.

Whether you are looking to reduce anxiety or stress, improve mobility or reduce pain we will collaborate with you to give you the best suited massage possible. Every treatment includes a thorough assessment, patient education and exercise/stretch recommendation. By using a variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, fascial release, chinese cupping, structural therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching, Neurokinetic Therapy and traditional massage modalities we will create a treatment that best fits you and your bodies needs. We believe a good massage goes beyond the time we share with you and our desire is to make you feel good beyond the hour we spend with you and empower you to carry the feeling of well being throughout your entire life .

*We provide receipts for all of our treatments and are eligible for claims to most insurance companies. We do direct billing to Blue Cross*


Let us come to you.

Perfect for anyone who may have mobility issues, is wanting to offer massage for a group or event (birthday parties, bachelorettes, wellness retreats, office wellness days, sporting events\team practices, families). This service can be paired with an onsite yoga class.

*Unless mobility is an issue, you must have 2 or more people to book this service*

  • 60 minute massage- $90.00
  • 75 minute massage-$110.00
  • 90 minute massage-$130.00
  • 120 minute massage-$170.00


A place to unwind and step away from the stress of daily life.

If you come to us, you will be welcomed into a space that is clean and private with the comforts of a spa in a clinical environment. We provide the option for aromatherapy and music of your choice (you can even bring your own playlist!). We have an onsite therapy dog that you can request to have in the room or you can bring along your own furry pal to help you feel more at ease. We understand that getting a massage can be a vulnerable experience for many people and we will take all the necessary steps to provide you with a safe and pleasant experience. We pride ourselves on creating a space that is free of judgement, where you can be yourself and feel free to let go of any qualms you may have with your body. At Candid Wellness we believe all bodies are beautiful and are honored to be apart of your self-care routine. We hope that you leave us loving your body and appreciating it for all the amazing things it does for you.

  • 30 minute massage- $40.00
  • 45 minute massage- $60.00
  • 60 minute massage-$80.00
  • 75 minute massage-$100.00
  • 90 minute massage-$120.00
  • 120 minute massage- $160.00

If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions regarding massage, please email