So You Wanna Be A Yoga Teacher

SO I’ve talked about taking my yoga teacher training for literal YEARS. If you know me, you know I love to talk about doin shit. I’m a big idea gal, not so great with the follow through.

To give myself (and my therapist) credit, I have slowly grown from a talker to a doer.

One of the things I always talked about doing and FINALLY did was backpacking in a foreign country. This past winter my husband and I spent 6 weeks backpacking through Costa Rica and it was such an expansive experience.

Now how does this relate to becoming a yoga teacher? Well between the cervezas and the surfing, I immersed myself in the yoga culture and in my own yoga practice while I was there. On my 29th birthday I took a yoga class that I will never forget. This class was something out of my lil yogi dreams: It took place on the night of a full moon, as one of the most beautiful sunsets coloured the sky above the ocean, in the background you could hear live saxophone and waves lapping on the shore, with horses galloping on the sandy beach where we practiced. Plus I kid you not, there were FRICKIN ALLIGATORS chilling peacefully mere feet away from my downward dog. But it wasn’t just the scenery that was so transformative for me, it was the contentment I felt being there with my mat, amongst all of this beautiful chaos and not having to be apart of it. To be completely present in such a serendipitous moment and not have to be amid the many tourists trying to capturing the moment in a photo. To find serenity in being a witness and not a participant.

The high I had after that class was something I had never reached during my many years of practicing yoga in my living room alone. Yoga has always been apart of my self care routine, but is one of the few things that is private for me. Yoga is how I get in touch with my body and my relationship with my vessel is one I hold close. But after taking so many classes in Costa Rica that drew me into a community, I no longer wanted to be alone in my practice. I wanted to share the joy I feel from creating shapes with my body and the love I feel for myself after some quality time with my mat.

I wanted to share the wealth in movement.

So as soon as I arrived back on Canadian soil, I began researching yoga teacher courses and having fallen in love with Victoria, I felt the pull to find a course that fit here. So in came the Brahmanda school of yoga and within a few days of choosing the course everything had fallen into place. I got into the program, found a place to stay with my dog and had my route here mapped.

But it isn’t all sun salutations and rainbow poses. One of the most difficult things about me being here, is being away from my other job running the Non-Profit Camp Wannakumbac with my husband. So as much as we would have liked for us both to be here for 6 blissful weeks, this is a journey I must take on my own.

When we first decided I would take the course the thought of being away from my better half for that long was heart wrenching. You see my hubs and I are pretty codependent and our lives are completely intertwined into one. We work together, play together and pretty much do everything together. One of the perks of marrying someone who was your best friend before they were your anything else is that you actually love spending time together and never get sick of one another’s company.

But now that I am here and alone, I’m choosing to embrace my independence and romance the fuck outta myself.

My course starts today, so my days will be full of learning and movement and a bit less spare time, but in this past week of reacquainting with my island home, I feel like I’m reigniting the spark with myself. I’ve taken myself out for brunch and on long walks on the beach with my dog, gone on morning hikes, worked from boujee coffee shops and gotten a massage. I thought I would be hopelessly lonely during my time alone here, but so far I’ve just gotten to know myself as an individual again. It has been interesting unraveling myself from Mitch and beginning to learn where I end and he begins.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely am still head over heels for the guy, but I want to be head over heels for me too. I want to become my own rock, my own voice of reason and love myself without the constant validation of being loved by another.

So as I prepare my lil yoga bag to embark on this 5 week journey with myself, with very little knowledge of what to expect, I invite you along with me. I may/definitely will fail or hurt along the way, but I want to share it with all of you. As of today, day one, I have no expectations or trepidation of how I will grow through out this experience, but I know that no matter what, I will come out on the other side with a plethora of lessons to carry with me throughout the rest of my life.

So take care of yourself, to take better care of each other so we can all work together to take care of our planet.❤️🥰🌍

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